Today I had an amazing workshop. This workshop titled “Crisis Communication Workshop” in which the participant had a role play in the real scene of crisis and see how we can handle it. The instructors are the PR expert and the real journalists were involved in our simulation.

I was on the TV! Watching myself in unprepared interview was really shameful. I learnt a lot that before you tell anything to media, especially when your company/organization is in crisis, do the preparation and rehearsal. As a head of communication in multinational construction company  that had a building collapse in one of the local office, I did a lot of mistakes by not developing key messages, prepare anticipated Q&A, and not sending the press release. Whooaa, I felt so horrible in front of the media. It was really depressing you know when the media keep asking something that you didn’t event know how to respond.

“Tell nothing but the truth!”

Yeah, I tried to bluff some answer but then it wasn’t work well. I was very bad PR at that time. Too defensive, I was trying to defense indefensible situation. I felt that 5 months working in PR consultant has nothing to count on when I was induced in the “real” situation. I regret that I am not well prepared on this. It should have been better if I can manage the situation well and not trying to answer stupidly.

But, that’s okay. At least, I’m not in the real crisis situation. If so, I definitely will not go on into the camera without developing key messages and rehearsing.

So, the preparation is the key. That’s all :)
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Sounds silly?

Well, actually the title should be "Pelacur Intelektual", as this phrase came from my friend who chat with me at gtalk. She is working as a special staff of Indonesian lawmakers and has a job to write newspapers articles in the name of her boss. She supposed to be the "ghostwriter" for every articles that her boss want to publish. She acknowledged that what she did is abusive, in the name of intellectual and integrity (of course). However, this is common practice that happen in Indonesia, especially the public policy makers (and I guess all over the world). You pay someone to write articles and make a speech. It's usual and acceptable.

The situation is different when you come to academic field. Any writing that is not based on your original idea  and not quoted properly can be considered as plagiarism. You can still take other people though and ideas but you have to quote it properly, otherwise you will be suspected as plagiarist. A friend of mine who works on research center, once had a task to write an article on behalf of his boss. Nevertheless, because he sent the article to academics web and put his own name on his writing, the publisher put his name on the credential. In academics, originality of the work placed first and you will be recognized for what you do (by yourself). Paying someone to write the article on behalf of your name is not acceptable (ideally). Rarely the academician pay someone to write something on behalf of their own, since they also don't have much money to do that.

Thinking and writing is a hard job. Not everyone can be a good thinker and writer at the same time. I think every writer should be appreciated on behalf of his/her own work. As this job requires much of your time and energy, this intelligence work should be appreciated highly. I know that many people (including me) are so lazy to make such a great work. The thing is we can't replace the originality with money. Idea is idea, can't be replaced by bucks. Nonetheless, this has been a common practice since years ago. These "budak/pelacur intelektual" will still be there and many people need them. This is a dilemma. When we were thought to be honest, the situation pushed us to do what we shouldn't do. I remembered one of my senior said "biasakanlah yang benar, jangan benarkan kebiasaan". It seems applicable in this case.

I wonder whether someday I'll be one of them or may be the one who employ them?

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Long time no blogging on "hard" issue, I should have written many things. Nonetheless, due to my laziness (forgive me pals), I haven't post anything yet. So, enjoy my first post after long hiatus (applause to my self :p)

Title : Dilema PKS, Suara dan Syariah
Author : Burhanuddin Muhtadi
Pages : xxviii +307 pages
Publisher : KPG, Jakarta

 Dilema PKS, Suara dan Syariah
Written as the author's sub-thesis, this book really enhances my knowledge about Prosperous and Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera / PKS). When I found this book placed on RSIS library display, I just directly wrote my name under reserve list. Luckily, I got a chance to be the first reader of the book since Pak Leonard (my mentor who reserve it first) still leave on absence from the school.
This book tells about how PKS emerge as a political party from Islamic missionary movement on secular campus (read: Dakwah Kampus). Using integrated social movement approach and protest-event analysis, Burhanuddin has successfully deliberated the phenomena of PKS presence. As we know that after New Order Era, Soeharto regime collapsed, many party suddenly emerged. However, none of the party delivered "harsh" Islamic ideology as PK (the former name of PKS) did.
PK was not really recognized in 1999 election but they managed to place their law maker at House of Representatives. As the party gained more reputation as "clean and caring" party, the votes rocketed very well that this party managed to be middle rank party in 2004 election. The numbers of the voters also increased in 2009 election, although the votes was far behind the-brand-new Democrat Party, which was the only party that can reach 20% votes.
The author writes that PKS that has strong cadre institution. To be the core cadre of this party, one should go for 6 tight steps and it is started by following the liqo. This movement was born in late 1970s-1980s as a response from the repressionary policy of Soeharto regime on student movement. Popularly known as "Jamaah Tarbiyah", the initiators of PKS are the people who involved in Dakwah Kampus. These elites came from top secular state universities in Indonesia, such as UI, ITB and UGM. At first, the movement was only cultural, the activists just wanted to purify Islamic practices based on "Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah". Some of the activists were inspired by Ikhwanul Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt, who was established by Hassan al Banna, to bring the idea of Islam as whole part of our life, including politics and social life. This idea certainly clashed with secularism, which separates religion and politics.
The people who initiated this movement were cadres from DDII (Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia, lead by M. Natsir) or LMD (Lembaga Mujahid Dakwah, training initiated by Imaduddin Abdurrahim). The idea of "dakwah" was implemented by using usrah and halaqah. This movement then transformed into political movement when there was an opportunity by using Student Movement in 1998.
KAMMI, LDK and FSLDK are the keyword that Burhanuddin stated to describe the emergence of PKS. PKS is the only party that put large attention on the transnational Islamic issue such as Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. They often conduct demonstration on Anti-Semit (Jews) and Anti-US. As they was born as an Islamic party, PKS has limited audience and voter targets. Thus, the votes in General Election are lessen than other national-secular party.
This makes a dilemma for the party, especially the young cadres who see that PKS should be more open to gain higher votes. The moves to expand the members for non-muslim and eyeing such bad-politician with large funding potency were responded negatively by many cadres (and even the public). They see that PKS was no longer puritan. The ideology seems to be diminished to gain the votes. The popularity of this party dropped badly when some of its lawmakers involved in corruption and pornography cases. The slogan as "Clean, Caring and Professional" party seems no longer relevant for what the party members had done. Moreover, internal conflict has made this party less credible in public. This dilemma looks like a trade-off and will never be unresolved until the party members reconcile what is the main goal of the party.
Actually, many authors have published several writings on PKS. I see this book as a   complementary to cover unanswered questions of how this party emerge and operate. I like how the author tells the reader about the story. This is not really hard book (if you like politic, of course ;p). You can read it before you sleep (as I did :D). It is more on narrative rather than academic version.
In my opinion, the author has successfully putting the context of how PKS emerge as social movement using social movement integrated theory. However, I don't see the relevance of using protest-event analysis in explaining the social movement derived by PKS and how it can contribute to the party presence. I see the main part of the book (the dilemma) is essentially contextualized with the present situation and not included in research question. This should be more explored in order to give a big picture for what is going on inside the party.
All in all, this book is very recommended, especially for people who interested in politics, social movement, LDK activists and secularists :)
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Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb,

Apa kabar semua?
Semoga selalu dalam keadaan sehat wal afiat dan diberi keberkahan oleh Allah SWT :)

Alhamdulillah, kegalauan akademis saya untuk Trimester 2 ini terjawab sudah. I'm officially taking dissertation track to complete my master program. Doakan ya, tesis saya berjudul "The Importance of Independence Central Bank in the time of Crises: A Case Study of Bank Indonesia in Asia and Global Financial Crises" dapat saya kerjakan dengan lancar dan memperoleh hasil memuaskan, aammiiinnn :)

O, ya, akhirnya, setelah sempat galau mau ambil mata kuliah apa term ini, saya memutuskan untuk mengambil dua mata kuliah yang menantang, yakni Comparative Political Economy dan Bahasa Mandarin. Menantang, sebab tugas2nya lumayan banyak (disamping saya harus mengerjakan disertasi/tesis) dan diisukan susah dapet nilau yg bagus. Ah, sepertinya mind set saya sejak S2 ini cukup berubah, kuliah tidak lagi mencari nilai (yang penting lulus dan bisa disertasi ;p), melainkan mencari jodoh  ilmu :D

Alhamdulillah, saya cukup puas dengan keputusan yang saya ambil, semoga Allah selalu memudahkan langkah kita semua dan semoga Allah memberkahi setiap jalan yang akan kita tempuh :)

Dalam rangka merangkai kehidupan yang lebih baik, sepertinya penting bagi saya untuk menuliskan kembali target2 dan tujuan hidup yang saya ingin capai, setidaknya untuk satu tahun ke depan:

1. Lancar kuliah, disertasi, mendapat nilai A+
2. Lulus M.Sc dengan nilai memuaskan ( target saya setidaknya 4.5 dr 5.0, amin ya Allah)
3. Menerbitkan tulisan di koran berbahasa Inggris minimal 5 kali
4. Menerbitkan tulisan di jurnal ilmiah, minimal 1 kali
5. Lolos tes CPNS Kemlu 2013
6. Bisa jadi Assistant Research/Research Analyst di research center/think thank/MNC
7. Pergi keliling ASEAN, Eropa dan Australia (untuk conference atau lomba)
8. Naik haji

hmmm, 8 target yg menurut saya BISA dicapai, insya Allah :

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Re-Uni berasal dari kata bahasa Inggris, Re-United yang artinya berkumpul kembali (ngasaldotcom, haha).
Seminggu lebih kembali ke tanah air, bertemu dengan teman2 dan sahabat2 di Forum Indonesia Muda, PPSDMS Putri angkatan V, PRasastanian serta teman2 seperjuangan di Bandung dan Depok. Alhamdulillah, masih bisa merasakan indahnya nikmat persahabatan dan kekuatan tali silaturahmi.
Bertemu dengan teman2 membawa banyak cerita, curhat, mimpi dan visi hidup. Ya, kami memang bukan kami yang beberapa bulan atau beberapa tahun yang lalu. Dimensi waktu menjadi saksi perkembangan dan pendewasaan hidup kami.
Teringat masa-masa indah di asrama putih, yg 2 tahun lalu sempat saya "sesali" sebab banyak hal yang tidak berlaku sesuai ekspektasi. Kompetisi menjadi mahasiswa berprestasi, kegiatan sosial di rumah belajar Matahari, mimpi2 yg kami tuliskan di life plan maupun video visi hidup, ah semua tinggal menjadi histori. Lihatlah, kawan2ku saat ini, penghuni asrama putih telah bertransformasi menjadi calon dokter gigi, perawat, apoteker, bahkan ilmuwan yg melanglang buana sampai ke negeri Taiwan. Tentu saja, mereka yang sudah mantap menjalani istikharahnya, akan segera melanjutkan kehidupan ke jenjang pernikahan, mohon doa untuk kawan2 tersayang :)
4 hari di Cibubur, lagi-lagi membawa semangat baru untuk saya menjalani kehidupan di negeri orang. Seperti yang Bunda Tatty ucapkan, "Setiap detik kehidupan adalah perjuangan," dan saya mendapatkan semangat itu kembali di FIM :) bertemu dengan pemuda-pemudi hebat di seluruh nusantara, bercerita, berkelakar hingga ber-modus2an #eeaa. Saling berbagi inspirasi dalam keragaman, FIM memberi makna tersendiri bagi liburan saya kali ini.
Dan oh, PRasastanian, banyak sekali kisah yang saya lewati selama 4 bulan terakhir. Dari teman, pacar, sahabat, hingga udang di balik batu. Saya kangen kalian, para senior consultant. Terima kasih telah memberi inspirasi bagi saya untuk tetap berjuang dalam kondisi sesulit dan setertekan apapun. Saya yaki 4J akan menjadi bintang di masa depan :*
Untuk Dian, Lia, Riza dan Sorang, terima kasih telah berbagi makna dan kebahagiaan tentang menjadi dewasa. Saran Lia dan Dian akan selalu saya ingat dan saya camkan, bahwa perempuan baik hanya untuk laki-laki baik (jangan sampe dapet jackpot :p). Riza dan Sorang, ya, kita bukan lagi mahasiswa HI UI, peluang-peluang kontribusi terbuka lebar di depan mata dan tentu saja jangan lupa mencari jodoh :p Insya Allah, di mana pun kita berkontribusi akan selalu menjadi amal baik jika kita mengerjakan dengan ikhlas.
Sebelum menutup tulisan ini, saya juga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada ibu Ayya dan Tangguh, kebersamaan dengan kalian (di waktu dan tempat yang berbeda) menginspirasi saya bagaimana kalian sangat gigih memperjuangkan passion dan gelar walaupun sedikit dukungan dan keterbatasan akses. Semoga Allah tetap menjaga indah tali silaturahmi ini :)

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