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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2012

The End Justify the Means

Alhamdulillah, kemarin saya berhasil melaksanakan sidang skripsi dan dinyatakan lulus :) This marked the end of my study in HI UI. Meanwhile, I wasn't very satisfy with the "trial" itself...  I had to defense my thesis, I had to prove that my research is valid and significant enough to be passed. However, I made a huge mistake. It was about my research method. DANG! My program chairperson criticized my research method. He said my thesis method was a tautology, which means it was one of fallacy of method. He said my conceptual framework, hypothesis and analysis model was fall. What a disappointing one :( The things that he said, I was wrong doing, actually was my adviser suggestion. However, my adviser didn't do anything. I know that for some reason my adviser didn't really care enough about my thesis and my research method, so how can he help me? nothing, he didn't do anything....fufufu... Despite that mistake, I know that I am still in the pr