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Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2017

A Very First Half Marathon

One of my resolution this year is to run for 21.1K! and on 27 August 2017, I did it! I accomplished 21.2k race in 04:07 hrs. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin. It is a long journey. I remembered when I was joining BRI Run, my fellow IM Runners planned to go for Bali Marathon 2017. I was also asked by them to join. My plan was to join the half marathon race at JakMar 2017, however I decided to sign up for Bali Marathon just earlier this year. I thought it will be nice to go to Bali after 4 years I haven't been there again. The drama of the registration was popped up because a lot of people want to join but there were only limited slot. Luckily, with the help of Esil and mba Siska, I managed to secure a slot and get discount rate form Maybank credit card, thanks to Esil's friend also! I started to train my self earlier this year. I created a Half Marathon training plan in my Nike Run apps. I also plan to join a running club for training but because of one thing and another I dec

Yang (Tidak) Kita Bicarakan

Hari ini cuaca mendung, saya sengaja memutar playlist lagu-lagu yang mellow. Currently, I am listening to "Sabda Rindu" by Tio Pakusadewo. This song was listened by me first when I watched "Surat dari Praha" with my bestfriend. So, this is the story. Last year, on April, my best friend bumped into me to introduce with another friend of her. I am first reluctant and said that, hmm, just go lah and let's see next. She tried to connect me with her friend and suddenly I was added a "friend request" by her friend in Faceboook. Time goes by, I am connected with her friend. Even, we chatted regularly since I asked a favor to him. The chat growth time to time. I felt an intimate connection, between us. Ah, I didn't want to be GR or feel high, but the gestures showed that there were something more between us. Lalu di bulan Januari, instagram saya di-add, haha. Kami bercakap-cakap tentang keadaan terbaru di Amerika Serikat pasca naiknya Trump, bula