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This Ramadhan, I did not make any i'tikaf   for staying a night in the mosque to pray, recite Al-Qur'an and do anything that is necessary to add my amal. My dad woke us up this morning to eat sahoor, and he asked my mom "Where is Nana? Is she doing an i'tikaf?". My dad realized that every Ramadhan, usually I did i'tikaf on one night (or two) in the last 10 days. Unfortunately, not for this Ramadhan. Not that I do not want to perform the i'tikaf, but because I can't manage my time wisely during this holy month. Gone are the days when I can finished reading the Holy Qur'an for one month, gone are the days that I performed more Sunnah prayers in the night, gone are the days that I can get proper sleep. All but none because I can't manage my time wisely, carefully and securely. I really hope that after this I can manage my time more wisely and carefully. I think, I need to put on an agenda where work and other stuffs are put on properly. An