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I think I might run for 2019 or 2024 election

Two weeks ago, I helped Tina to prepare her policy paper on female political participation in Indonesia. I gave her some insights and recommendations. She said that my insights and recommendations were quiet helpful to enhance her perspectives. She then told me: "Why don't you run for an election to be the female member of parliaments? You are Indonesian female and studying politics, Indonesia needs qualified female candidate to fill the 30% quota." I was surprised when she suggested me something that I never think about. I thought it must be pretty -really- hard to run for an election and then become an MP. Later on, I talked to one of my best friend who is now running for 2014 election as an MP in one of the Central Java District. She was chosen by her mentor, who happened to be her boss, as the current MPs to fill in the 30% quota. She said to me, her chance is unlikely to get into the parliament, unless her party have a clean sweep votes in the district. She the