Budak Intelektual

Sounds silly?

Well, actually the title should be "Pelacur Intelektual", as this phrase came from my friend who chat with me at gtalk. She is working as a special staff of Indonesian lawmakers and has a job to write newspapers articles in the name of her boss. She supposed to be the "ghostwriter" for every articles that her boss want to publish. She acknowledged that what she did is abusive, in the name of intellectual and integrity (of course). However, this is common practice that happen in Indonesia, especially the public policy makers (and I guess all over the world). You pay someone to write articles and make a speech. It's usual and acceptable.

The situation is different when you come to academic field. Any writing that is not based on your original idea  and not quoted properly can be considered as plagiarism. You can still take other people though and ideas but you have to quote it properly, otherwise you will be suspected as plagiarist. A friend of mine who works on research center, once had a task to write an article on behalf of his boss. Nevertheless, because he sent the article to academics web and put his own name on his writing, the publisher put his name on the credential. In academics, originality of the work placed first and you will be recognized for what you do (by yourself). Paying someone to write the article on behalf of your name is not acceptable (ideally). Rarely the academician pay someone to write something on behalf of their own, since they also don't have much money to do that.

Thinking and writing is a hard job. Not everyone can be a good thinker and writer at the same time. I think every writer should be appreciated on behalf of his/her own work. As this job requires much of your time and energy, this intelligence work should be appreciated highly. I know that many people (including me) are so lazy to make such a great work. The thing is we can't replace the originality with money. Idea is idea, can't be replaced by bucks. Nonetheless, this has been a common practice since years ago. These "budak/pelacur intelektual" will still be there and many people need them. This is a dilemma. When we were thought to be honest, the situation pushed us to do what we shouldn't do. I remembered one of my senior said "biasakanlah yang benar, jangan benarkan kebiasaan". It seems applicable in this case.

I wonder whether someday I'll be one of them or may be the one who employ them?

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2 komentar

Ecky Agassi mengatakan...

kenapa pekerjaannya diterima?

avina_nadhila mengatakan...

pekerjaannya ga terlalu berat, dengan fasilitas dan gaji yang cukup lumayan, apalagi buat fresh graduate. Ya, dilema antara idealisme dan kebutuhan sih kyknya menurut gw.