Crisis Communication Workshop

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Today I had an amazing workshop. This workshop titled “Crisis Communication Workshop” in which the participant had a role play in the real scene of crisis and see how we can handle it. The instructors are the PR expert and the real journalists were involved in our simulation.

I was on the TV! Watching myself in unprepared interview was really shameful. I learnt a lot that before you tell anything to media, especially when your company/organization is in crisis, do the preparation and rehearsal. As a head of communication in multinational construction company  that had a building collapse in one of the local office, I did a lot of mistakes by not developing key messages, prepare anticipated Q&A, and not sending the press release. Whooaa, I felt so horrible in front of the media. It was really depressing you know when the media keep asking something that you didn’t event know how to respond.

“Tell nothing but the truth!”

Yeah, I tried to bluff some answer but then it wasn’t work well. I was very bad PR at that time. Too defensive, I was trying to defense indefensible situation. I felt that 5 months working in PR consultant has nothing to count on when I was induced in the “real” situation. I regret that I am not well prepared on this. It should have been better if I can manage the situation well and not trying to answer stupidly.

But, that’s okay. At least, I’m not in the real crisis situation. If so, I definitely will not go on into the camera without developing key messages and rehearsing.

So, the preparation is the key. That’s all :)
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