What I feel about Being an Adult?

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1. Tired

I must admit that my body (and mind) are getting older, thus there are problems came up when I go home late night, lack of sleep and rarely doing sport. It's not good when you realized that you are now 3 years ahead of 30 years old, yet your body age is 52 years old (because I am currently obese, type 3). I am tired like every day, even when what I did is just go for work and directly go back home. Why oh why?

2. Lose of self-control (about time and food)

I am not a discipline kind of person. I go to bed late and wake up late. I hardly control what I eat, thus my weight increase 9% from earlier this year. In addition, I am very dependent on the external factors i.e. food served from my offices, friends' invitation to go hang out, family gathering, etc. Ah, I should be more discipline. Perhaps, I should write every day-week-month agenda and plan what to eat for a day. What do you think?

3. Blank of life targets

If you read my blog post since 10 years ago, you may found some posts that list on specific targets. About being or achieving something in my college's days or just a short trip to where. But, for now, the list is not there anymore. I am still writing my life targets, but not publishing it here, I published it on my mind. Hahaha.
Yeah, I was so terrible about what is going to happen in my life haha.
Maybe because at this age, I haven't achieved the job that I am dreaming of or the partner that I can look up to. Ah, I know, life is too short if you keep complaining. So, just enjoy and be grateful every day.


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