First Day at School(s)

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Today, 16 July 2018, is the first day of school in Indonesia academic calendar for kindergarten to senior high school. The government, actually pak Anies Baswedan, the former Minister of Education and currently Jakarta's governor had campaigned on the important of parents accompanying their children for the first day. Mba Najeela Shihab of Semua Murid Semua Guru and founder of Cikal School has also campaigned on how parent's involvement is important for their children's first 100 days at school.

I suddenly remembered the memories of my first day at schools. Of all this 27 graceful years that Allah has given me to live, I am so thankful that my parents always accompanied me on the first day at schools.

My memory falls on the first day at school at SD Al-Azhar Rawamangun. My first primary school. I was accompanied by Bapak to go to class 1D. I remembered that Bapak accompany me and watched me lined up at the school yard for ceremony. However, I also remembered how I was crying because I am afraid that Bapak gone after I go to class. I think it was for the first week that I can't handle my tears down realizing that Bapak did'nt accompany me for the whole day at school. Haha.

My second memory going to next first day at SD Al-Azhar 4 Keb. Lama. As "anak pindahan", of course I don't have friends at first. I still remember on the first day at school, Mama always have a time to send me to school by herself, yes it was. Bapak and Mama always dropped me and my sisters at schools back then. They will dropped us at school then go to work. I still remember the time that maybe around 20 years ago, Bapak, in his younger age, would be angry if someone cut his way on the road when driving us for school. It was horrible, believe me. Jakarta's traffic every now and then always "kejam"haha. But that's okay for sure. At least we had parents to dropped us at school, alhamdulillah!

On Junior High School, I do remember, the first day at school, I also dropped of by Mama and Bapak.   They always sent me to school by car until sometimes in the middle of the year, they decided for me to take "antar-jemput" service. Since then, I think on the first day of 2nd and 3rd grades, I never been accompanied by them again. Anyway, I already a teenage back then, so no problem on it haha.

On Senior High School, they sent me on 16 July 2005 to MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong. If not mistaken, I was accompanied by my family including Yang Kung (al fatihah for him). They dropped me off to the boarding school and I remembered Mama and my sisters accompany me to the dormitory. Because it was a senior high school level (and it's a boarding school anyway), parents can only drop of on the first day of orientation (it was Saturday btw, not Monday).

For sure, parents accompanying children at first day of school will give the children courage and confidence. Especially for children who just enter kindergarten and primary school, it means a lot for them to have parents dropped them off and pick up them after school (if can).

Yeah, I will do it of course, someday if I have one :)
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