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Hello May!

4 Days before Ramadhan 1439 H. May Allah bless us and our family to be on the right track, to be always healthy, refrained from any hardships and always be better day by day.

Been a long time not to write a post. (and yeah, I just edit it on May, wkwk)

Just want to tell you all, that I am currently no longer working with DPR. Alhamdulillah, on February I got accepted in ASEAN Secretariat. After a heartbreaking announcement in November 2017 (I failed in Kemlu's test), went back to Halsel on December 2017, lost of my Grandpa, Uncle and Cousin in January 2018, my father got a recurrent stroke in the same month (just one day before the accident happened), finally, I am here. After I rejected a TO position in 2013, the opportunity came again to me. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin.

Actually, choosing ASEC was kind a hard decision, since at the same time I got offered by one of the start up unicorns in Indonesia and a manager position in a foreign embassy with high salary. But still, I always know that this is the best decision, following my heart and my calling for now.

Hmm, at least, after one month being an asec staff, I feel so blessed. Eventhough, it is not always a bright and shine day, sometimes it is very hot or maybe rainy and even stormy. That's a work life! Luckily, my office now is just 30 mins away by Gojek, but I have to take a finger print, that's why, no more telat. Haha.

Last month, I got very ambitious in the first two weeks. I had my second 21k in Kuala Lumpur and another 10k in Jogjakarta. It was like I did holiday trips every week, even I planned to go to Bandung in the 3rd week. But then, I had to cancel my trip because my body asked me to do so. On that week, I also had two big meetings (first time) in ASEC, so had to prepare all the things and that made me feel no good after the event. My body demanded to rest and that's what I did on the weekend.

Actually, only on Saturday I went nowhere. On Sunday, I had a run training at GBK and went to Masjid Agung Al-Azhar for one of my friends' akad. Luckily (or coincidentally), I didn't meet with the previous person who I described in some posts ago, ahahaha. Yes, we are in the same circle with some friends and after we had no contact anymore, we never had a chance to meet each other. If God's will, on that day, I just can met him. But, God says no.

I pray to God for the incoming Ramadhan, hope that He is willing to introduce me to my partner in dunya and akhirat, amin.

I also pray for me, my family and all of creatures safety, healthy and security. These past days some security issues happened in Indonesia. Hopefully, no more victims by man-made and natural disasters anymore. Amin.

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