Mid January 2016

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Yesterday was so furious. A bomb (and several other fire shots) blasted in Sarinah and its vicinity. The tension was high, in the noon, however the police managed to calm it down before night.

This week is not as packed as last week. Last week, I had several meetings with Sabang Merauke Raising Awareness Team, Komsos PM XII, meet up with my fellow PM 7 Majene, sharing alumni and Halsel Squad welcoming party. *drained mode on*

This week, I just met several friends and go home early almost everyday.

I went to ATM machine last night and found out that there was a mistransaction which cut my balance off. While the fund was so limited, I haven't got any transferred salary for last month. The TU TA said it will be "dirapel" and transferred along the salary for this month. Hopefully, it will be transferred as early as possible and well. Ameen.

And yeah, the idea of listing my activities hampered my initial ideas to write a note about The Theory of Developed Country by Pak Arief Havas Oegroseno, one of the calibre diplomat of Indonesia. According to my friend, Pak Havas as he always called, though that there are three criteria that a country should pose to be a developed country. At least, a country should pose two out of three criteria to be considered as a developed country. Those criteria are:

1. A small territory
2. Have four seasons
3. Less democratic government.

And yeah, Singapore-China-US (to some extent) fit to these criteria. Haha.

Well, those criteria reminded me of Pak Anies criteria for choosing a job:

1. Socially impactful
2. Intellectually developed
3. Sufficient salary.

If you get an offer from a company or institution, which entails two out of three criteria, then go accept it!

So, this is just a small note from a meeting with my friend.

terima kasih untuk waktu dan traktirannya ya :)

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