A Packed Week

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Hi all! How are you?

It's been a packed weekend (and still counting) packed weekdays for me. Last Sunday, I had two friends wedding reception. I went to Cilegon on Saturday's night to attend my best friends' wedding. Fadlin finally tied the knot with Mr. Bahtiar, someone whom she knew only 7 months before the marriage, I am so happy for her, although a little bit sad that one by one, my friends are entering their new life. Not a single anymore.

On Sunday everning, I attended Fafa's wedding, one of my best friends in Halsel. She was a PTT doctor in Bibinoi then Labuha/Gandasuli. Her wedding was so marvelous and grand. I met my 4 out of 7, teman sehidup semati di Halsel, a.k.a PM VII Halsel. I also met Andi Bank Muamalat (hahaha) and another PTT doctors who happened to stay in Halsel during our IM's tenure. They are Lyla, Rizky (he lost 12 kg! He did OCD!), Nia, Fakhri and Ihsan. I also met Kak Luke, her son and Kak Ajeb.

On Saturday noon, I had a muay thai first exercise that made me cancel my appointment with mba Jetc. I also cancelled my schedule to Thamrin City to find a gift for Helene's wedding since my body was very tired. I should do another muay thai exercise in this week!

On Friday, I went to Kemang to celebrate Mbak Ima's birthday with other MIKTA Young Professional Fellows and THC fellows. I planned to go to a seminar in @america, however I didn't go there because I was trapped in a lunch-gossip-time with the KPI's team :p

On Thursday, I did telling bu Teni to resign from my current job. I did it after I took several considerations carefully. I told her that I was offered to teach, she is okay with that. Unfortunately, later I found that I don't have any teaching schedule in next semester :(

On Wednesday, I got calls from THC and I just can called mba Tassa back in Thursday. I said yes for their offer :)

Hopefully, this will be the best and blessed path for my future career and love live :D


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