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Hi, how are you guys?

Been long time no writing in here ya? Haha. I updated my other blog btw, you can see my posts in: http://indonesiamengajar.org/cerita-pm/avina-widarsa-3

So, I've finished the Indonesia Mengajar program. Such an amazing year I had through in South Halmahera with great friends, community and family.

Yeah, I had nothing to regret for. The work that I chose was the best life path of my life so far.

Now, I'm back in town. Jakarta. The city that I've ever missed before.

I'm back again to my parent's house. The suppose building to be called home.

Well, actually is not easy to adapt in Jakarta, live back with your parents and family whom you left for almost 10 years.

I have left my home since high school. I went to an Islamic boarding school called MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong in 2005. Since then, I never stayed at home more than 3 months I guess.

Yeah, the school actually is close to my parent's house. It's only 15-20 minutes ride via JORR highway. However, I can only go back to home on the weekend or when the school holiday.

Then, I continue my study in UI. I rented a room near my campus. I've ever decided not to "ngekos" for some time, but then it failed. I saw myself can't stay for a long time in my parent's house. Since, it will only make me disappointed or angry.

In the third year, I was chosen as one of the PPSDMS scholarship recipients that I must stay in the dorm. So, until I graduated (and 6 months after that), I stayed in the dormitory.

In July 2012, I moved to Singapore to continue my study and came back in Jakarta in June 2013. I did my internship in Bank Indonesia for a month. That was the moment when I stayed at home just a little longer. In August 2013, I went back to Singapore to have my internship in 701 Search, SPH. I stayed in Singapore until mid-October 2013.

From October 2013 - January 2015, I joined Indonesia Mengajar. I only go back at home before I depart to South Halmahera around 4-5 times and in August 2014, when the Eid's holiday.

Yeah, I've left home since then and found the others home in several places.

Let me go back to the theme. Actually, it's not easy to go back to home. The situation has been changed: the people who stay, the communication style, the habits, the layout of the rooms.

I feel so strange in my parent's house. I feel that I often disagree with my parents and sisters. I feel so egoistic and can't do what they want me to do. I feel that they also disappointed with me because I'm not consider enough to help the daily works.

Hmm, what do you think? Do you have any suggestions to make me feel home at my own home?

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