Blessed Week!

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After joining APEC Voices of the Future program earlier this month, I had a very blessed days in Singapore.
On Saturday, I attended the NTU Homecoming Alumni event, where I met (again) Agus Harimurthi Yudhoyono, the first son of president SBY, that awarded a Nanyang Young Outstanding Alumni Award 2013. I also met his wife, Anisa Pohan and their daughter, Aira. We had a chat in person, it’s so nice to talk with them and took some pictures too :)
I also met pak Leonard, my mentor in RSIS, who is so excited about my next journey on becoming Pengajar Muda. I also met pak Andri Hadi, the Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia in Singapore and Ibu Ferial Hadi, along with the others embassy high level staff.
In that occasion, I also met mba Mira and mas Bimo, the personal assistant and official photographer of President SBY. They are really nice too!
I, kak Dinar, Emir and Ping had a photo booth session which was awesome. Although, we did not get the dinner in the served place, we managed to fill in our stomach in the special guest table because we want to see mas Agus and mba Anisa :)
The next day, me, kak Dinar and Emir went to the southern ridges park, with its forest walk and henderson waves bridge. We managed to finish 2.5 km trail and reach the Mount Faber in 7.15. Then we walked down to the Marang Trails afterward. However, we did not bring any torch and it was so dark there, so we change to the asphalt way. I thought, it was a training for survival time in the camp next two weeks :)
For this, I am very grateful that I can go there before I go back to Indonesia next week. I can erase one of my resolution in Singapore which is going to the forest walk and henderson wave as I did it 3 years ago with my APRU friends.
On Hari Raya Haji, we went to the embassy to do Eid Praying. I was about to hold a small reunion with IC alumnus in Singapore. So, I called kak Farid and Mirza to go to the embassy and have a meeting there. We agreed, event kak Farid brought his car to pick and drop us in embassy-simpang bedok market-gardens by the bay. It was five of us: me, kak Farid, Mirza, Garda and Agil. We had a really nice journey yesterday. I also really happy because my resolution to go to the dome in the Gardens by the Bay was finally realized. Thanks!
In the night, I went to The Home Club at Riverwalk to see my favorite band performance: Maliq and D’Essentials!
Yes! They had a small performance in Singapore. I also got a chance to attend the meet and greet because kak Dinar and Emir already there and they wrote my name in the list before I came.
What a great night! I can sing all the songs they brought. I also took some pictures with them. Now I know that music performance photography like Agra does is also interesting.
The lovely night was closed by another three-friends-chit-chat in the promenade.
What a blissful days. Thank you Allah :) 
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