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APEC Voices of the Future 2013

What I suppose to write?

Hmm, let me begin by thanking Allah SWT the Almighty God for his countless blessings and grace.
Last week, I had an opportunity to join APEC Voices of The Future 2013 in Bali. I was one of the 99 youth delegates from 18 APEC member economies that experienced the APEC CEO Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali.
The program, Voices of the Future, is an annual sideline event of APEC Summit that has been held since 1999 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This program gathered young people in 18-25 years old to observe the summit and experience the “global classroom”. Noel Gould, one of the co-founder said that this idea is something that he could ever imagine when he was in school years, where the students only know the existence of two super powers i.e. United States and Uni Soviet, without taking care of “everyone else”. Now, since the collapse of Berlin Wall, the “everyone else” become somebody that people should learn things from them. APEC Voices of the Future brings together young people across APEC member economies to share ideas and create a strategic network towards more resilient and more sustainable growth in the region.

Indonesia is delighted to be the host of this event. As much as 30 students from Indonesia participated in the event. The event was started on October 2nd,2013 and ended on October 7th, 2013. For Indonesian delegates, the program started one day earlier by doing Kecak Dance training for the cultural night performance in Bonet Village, the origin place of Kecak Dance. We were taught by one of the Kecak Dance maestro from this village. Interestingly, not only the boys participated in the dance, but also the girls. Together, we were trained intensely to say “cak..cak…cak..” with some body and hands movement.
On the next day, Indonesian delegates had an ice-breaking game, orientation and fish-bowl simulation. As we were expected to produce a concrete declaration from youth delegates, fish-bowl simulation gave us some insight on how the meeting in some international organizations such as UN Security Council is held. We learned the procedure of drafting a declaration or joint statement as well as to express our ideas. The delegates are split into 5 teams which focus on a topic that had been discussed in Vladivostok (last year’s APEC meeting place). We expressed our concern on the theme of youth, education, food security, SME and renewable energy.

In the night, we met the other delegates from 17 other member economies (it supposes to be 21, but Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong and Chile did not send the youth delegates). On the Indonesian delegation orientation session, we were told to mingle with the foreign delegates and speak up, because it is well known that in international event, Indonesian delegates are tend to be very quiet although they have great ideas and just group in within themself. So, in the first night we started to get to know each other and they get to know us as the host.

The next day, we were brought to Ayana Resort to attend the official opening ceremony of the program. Ayana, which located in Jimbaran, is a beautiful resort with a cliff beach and magnificent sea scenery. The opening ceremony was attended by Made Mangku Pastika, the governor of Bali and Wishnu Wardhana, CEO of Indika Energy group as the Chair of APEC CEO Summit. Two points that Pak Wishnu said to us is that we had to be bold enough to produce concrete works and inspire the other that could not have a chance to attend this event. In the afternoon, we were transferred to the Green School, the greenest school in earth! The school which was initiated by John Hardy is very special. It is located in the village, where the buildings are made from bamboo and so natural. I really love to see the bridge and the toilets! Yes, you get it, the toilets are very special where it has no flush and they made two bowl inside, for poo and for pee. The committee brought us here to produce the declaration. We used an open space concept to create a piece of paper containing some points that we feel it is urgent to be voiced to the APEC Leaders.

The next day after that, we went to Kamasan Village to experience Kamasan painting and business simulation from BNI. We had lunch in Kertagosa palace in Klukung, where I enjoyed cultural experience of Balinese paintings and legend. Kertagosa, the court of justice was built as the trial court for the criminals. Before the criminals sent to Lombok or Nusa Penida, they were told the stories about the heaven and hell, what they were doing and how their actions such a disgrace. In the afternoon, we were heading to Ubud. In Ubud, I and some Indonesian delegates tried to find a prayer room. Somehow, it is very difficult to find one in Ubud, where the majority of the people are Hindu. Luckily we found one prayer room in Rumah Makan Padang. In Ubud, I also had a chance to go inside Ubud Palace, where it supposed to be restricted area for tourist but, because we are APEC delegate, the officers allowed us to go in (but not too inside). This is the place where Happy Salma married with Tjok Bagus.

Before dinner, we had a chance to visit Blanco Museum. We were glad to see Ubud scenery before the sunset. Blanco museum shows the Blanco’s art work which generally painted a topless women and some expressionist-romantic  scene that I guess not suitable for under 17 years old. In the night, we had a dinner in Rondji restaurant, just next to the museum. We also lucky to met Mario Blanco, the son of Antonio Blanco, the painting maestro from Italy that found himself fall in love with Bali and its culture. After dinner, we saw a Kecak Dance performance in the open space area.

The day after, we went to Ayana again to experience the networking session with ABAC Members in the morning. I had a chance to talk to mas Raja Sapta Oktohari and Ardi Bakrie in that occasion. I also met Sandiaga Uno, pak Suryo Bambang Sulityo and pak Shoeb K. Zainuddin. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to talk to them. I also learned that APEC now is more inclusive for women, as they promote more gender equality in business and see the raising number of women CEO worldwide. In the afternoon, we had a meeting with Pak Gita Wirjawan where in that occasion I asked him a question about his policy to send his staff to learn abroad and the brain drain phenomena.

On 6-7 October, we had a chance to attend APEC CEO Summit. It was an incredible experience. We can see many famous figures from leaders of APEC member economies, business leaders, journalists and many more. We are lucky to see the world leaders: SBY (Indonesia), Lee Hsien Long (Singapore), Ollama (Peru), Beniqno Aquino (Philippine), Park-Gyun Hye (Korea), Shinzo Abe (Japan), Enrique Pino Nieta (Mexico), Najib Razak (Malaysia), Vladimir Putin (Russia), and Xi Jinping (China). Not to mention, secretary of state, John Kerry that came to represent Barack Obama (US) that could not join the event because of the government shutdown.

The last day was very meaningful. We held a cultural night, where the delegates performed and present some cultural arts of their country. We took many photos and change souvenirs.
And the program is ended with an invitation to join next year program in China.
I am so thankful to join the event. Special thanks to Aisyah who forwarded the e-mail from kak Shofwan, Bang Adjie and Bang Ihsan from PPSDMS. Thanks also to Mbak Lily, Mbak Dwita and Mas Ijma from Indika Energy. Thank you to all delegates and facilitators, pak Victor and teams that bring great experiences in the event.


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