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So, here I am, come back again to Singapore. Not for a long time, only 2 months left before I depart back to Indonesia.

Alhamdulillah, Allah answer my prayers. He gave me opportunity as one of the candidate of Pengajar Muda from Indonesia Mengajar batch VII. Thanks God, for giving me the chance to upgrade myself, to do something for the society before embarking to the professional work.

I also got an amazing opportunity as an internship student in Bank Indonesia, exactly the Indonesian central bank! So cool and awesome meeting awesome people and do some confidential work :p

Now, in Singapore, I was hired as a Business Development Intern for a web developer company in central-north area. If it's not because of network and opportunity, I wouldn't be here. Most importantly, if it's not because of Allah, I wouldn't be here, catching another opportunities to upgrade myself more and more. Thanks God :")
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