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Hello July!

It's 8 days to Ramadhan, may Allah bless us with health and faith to enter this holy month :)

So, fortunately, I have attended 5 wedding out of 6 wedding invitations from my fellas in NTU, Prasasta, UI and PPSDMS. There was an invitation from my NLYC friend in Bandung, yet I could not attend the reception because it was on the same day with my senior's wedding. I will review all of my wedding reception (and/or) solemnization ceremony that I have attended. This is also a parti of my preparation to soon-to-be the bride. When and where? It is still uncovered, yet better to prepare than not doing anything :D

1. Doni's Wedding at Masjid Al-Bina, Senayan - 07/06

Doni used Minangkabau style in his reception. I rated 6 out of 10 for this wedding, since the place is reachable and pretty strategist. The nuance of Minangese culture was overshadowed by the crowd of people, uninteresting music and so-so decoration. The food is pretty good yet I had not managed to taste all because the catering seemed unprepared for the overcrowded guest and the food was out of stock, like so fast. The auditorium is not that clean. I like the polaroid photos they put in the wall, yet it was not that recognizable.

The make up of the bride and the groom outfit is well, but not that outstanding. Overall, it was an OK wedding reception in my version. Congrats to Doni and wife :)

2. Beffy's Wedding at Graha Insan Cita, Depok - 08/06

I rated 6 out of 10 for Beffy's wedding. The auditorium is too big, yet the food is very little :p I love Beffy's choice of wardrobe and outfit (she wore read Minangese outfits), it made her looks more energetic and beautiful. The music is so-so and the MC seemed unprepared to manage the event. Still, Congratulation to Beffy and husband, hope you will have Sakinah, Mawaddah, wa Rahmah family :)

3. Kak Imad and kak Fio's Wedding at Panti Perwira, Balai Sudirman- 23/06

This type of wedding is like the relative wedding's I attended. Using the Minangese culture, the type of the make-up, wardrobe, and outfit was pretty well, but not magnificent for me. I really love the Wedding Organizer, so professional. The wedding singer and music were good. I did not taste the food, since I was fasting at that time, yet the choice of the foods are so much. I also found the slideshow of photos and solemnization ceremony very good. I also like the souvenir they gave to the guest. They had plenty of congratulation bucket that the should be managed well. Overall, I rated 8 out of 10 for this wedding. Congratulation to Kak Imad and Kak Fio, hope you will live happily ever after :)

4. Wila's Solemnization Ceremony at Masjid At Tin, TMII - 29/06

Because I can't attend the wedding ceremony, I attended the solemnization at At-Tin Mosque. Wila took the Prayer Floor to be the place of the solemnization. It was very HUGE! I love the decoration, the Palembang style wedding, the make up and the wardrobe. However, the MC failed to conduct the ceremony after the groom said the "Ijab-Qabul". This is my first time I attend my friend's solemnization, it's quite impressive that the guests are not as much as in the wedding reception. I missed the snack and the souvenir at first. Wila looks very beautiful, her husband outfit is also okay. I wonder to have my solemnization in my home or Istiqlal Mosque, hehe.

I give 8 out 10 for this solemnization, congrats Wila and husband, I hope you have a very yuppy life afterward :)

5. Aisyah Iadha's Wedding at Yasmin Center, Bogor - 29/06

My favourite ones, I give 8.5 out of 10! It was very nice, clean and shar'i. Aisyah and her husband were magnificent, the wardrobe and the outfit were suited to the decoration. The food was delicious. Because they use Islamic wedding concept (with the blend of Javanese culture), they play only the sounds of the bird with the poems along the event, instead of the music and wedding singer. The eating place for men and women was separated, while the food in Men's area were also delicious, I was crossing the line to catch up for Nasi Rawon :p The souvenir is OK, yet the guest reception was not that organized. There was some empty spaces in the room that I think can be used to put some decorations and photos of the brides and grooms.

Congratulation Ais and husband, I hope you will have great marriage journey till jannah :)

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