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I'm writing this post in the morning on January 2nd, 2013.
Firstly, I want to thank to Allah almighty who give me, my family, my friends, techers, collagues and all of the creatures in the world to come to the new year of Masehi. May He blesses and guides us to be better day to day.
2012 has been away. The year of ups and downs in academic, social, including love life. The year has taught me too much things, from how to deal with your feelings, catch up your dreams, making a lot friends from different cirles and standing up when you have been hurted by someone. Alhamdulillah, I learn a lot from it.
2012 was also my benchmark. I graduated from bachelor degree at HI UI and continue my study at RSIS NTU. I traveled a lot and also worked in Public Relations consultant. I learn how to manage heart and time wisely. My travel list in 2012 including:
January: Bromo, Malang, Surabaya (Suramadu, ITS), Puncak, Bandung
February: Bandung, Jakarta Night City Tour (monas-masjid Istiqlal)
March: Kota Tua, Ragusa
April: Bogor (kebun raya-IPB)
May: Bandung, Jogja (Merapi, Sunmor, Benteng Vreederburg, Masjid Agung, Malioboro, Sarkem :p)
June: Semarang, Anyer-Cilegon
July-October: Singapore! City Tour, Barbeque at Labrador Park, Sentosa Island, Crossing the border (Johor, Malaysia), Indonesia
November: Bandung, Chinese Garden, Melacca
December: Penang, Temanggung, Semarang

For 2013, I want to add ASEAN, Europe and US trip if God will, aminnnn....

In 2013, I hope to be better person, graduate with satisfactory mark, join conferences, exchanges, publish article in newspaper and journal, work at research center such as ISEAS, ARI, or at RSIS, travel a lot more and be more productive. I hope me, my family, my friends, and all creatures stay healthy and long live. I hope our dreams come true in this year.


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