Beyond 2015: More Goals to Be Achieved

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2015 seems to be the "sacred" year for international relations. Many of international institution's ambitious goals are targeted to be completed in 2015. Two of them are Millenium Development Goals and ASEAN Community. It means, UN and ASEAN member states should work vastly to achieve those targets within three years.

Given the current situation, it looks like MDGs and ASEAN Community will not be achieved comprehensively. Some programs are success but many fails (at least has not been achieved within the timeline). Such condition makes initiative to go beyond 2015 is important.

Indonesia, as the "de-facto" leader of ASEAN has proposed the ASEAN Community after 2015. With its tagline, "ASEAN Community in a Global Community of the Nations" has served as a guide line of ASEAN beyond 2015. There might be another declaration of how ASEAN Community beyond 2015 is shaped following the Bali Concord I & II.

Moreover, the UN has established High Level Panel on Global Sustainability, where SBY became together with Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and UK's Prime Minister David Cameroon were appointed has co-chaired. The panel is expected to produce some recommendations on post 2015 global's development agenda.

So, the governments have set up another ambitious goals beyond 2015. Will the goals be more realistic? Let's just see. We hope for the best to advance human development and the betterment of world citizens.

and for myself, I just set up my target to fulfill one half of religion in 2015 or beyond :p
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