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Journey to Johor Bahru (and a bit "curcol")

Hey Blog!
Long time no see, err, long time no write exactly.
How I've been doing? Not so good in last week. I got rejection in a club that I want. Hmm, maybe it's a sign for me to be more serious in study.
What about my study?
it's a ...
yeah, i am taking two core (and plus one) courses, in which the basic about IPE.
I am now studying the theories and principles of economics (like I did in my undergraduate, or even high school) also the foundation theories of IPE.
I don't really feel get in touch with my class mates. The lecture, albeit he graduated from LSE, maybe because of his ages, you know the class is not really dynamic. *even he just knew that everything can be search in Google*
I am seated in a big class, so it is not very comfortable enough to have a discussion. It must be the persons (yang itu2 aja) who speaks in front of the class. Unfortunately, I'm not (yet) one of them.
So, do you guys have any idea how I supposed to do to enjoy my class?

Oh, well, I supposed to write about my journey to Johor Bahru.
Yes, last week, on Saturday, I went to Johor Bahru. alone. yes, I was crossing the border by myself.
I wanted to ask my friends like Diandra and Emir to join, but I think they wouldn't join me because the night before they were going to Night Festival and might be tired.

I planned to go to Johor as Mbak Yenny (my Landlord) said to me about "how cheap is the prices of goods and foods in Johor". So, I was planning to break my sunnah syawal fasting there. I didn't have any idea where to go in Johor at first. I just googled how to reach Johor from Singapore and what are the good places to eat there.

I departed at a quarter to four pm from house, walked to bus shelter and went to Jurong Point first to change the money, from SGD to RM. After that, I board into MRT to Kranji. At Kranji, I waited (in a long queue) for bus 170. I was waiting for about half an hour for the bus to come. I was very worried if I couldn't use my EZlink card, because I just brought $10 and I might have some trouble to change.

Then, I board the bus (standing) and waited (in a long queue again) to get into Woodlands Checkpoint (Singapore's immigration). Arrived at the checkpoint, I walked upstairs and go to the counter. I didn't realize that actually I can use the self check immigration machine as I hold the Student Card. So, next time I'll go to Johor (or any places abroad), I'll use that machine. After having my student's pass scanned, I went downstairs and waited (again) for my bus to board. -> I think almost half of my journey was about waiting the bus.

So, I board to the bus 170 again and went to Malaysia's immigration just about 15 minutes riding on a causeway (yeah, it is so close!). Going to immigration counter again, my passport was chopped again. This time, the immigration officer asked me to do fingerprints scan, because it is my first time going there (Malaysia to Singapore). He asked to me what I'll do in Johor, I said I'll go shopping and makan. He then said to me "hati2 ya..." In my heart, I said that "I'll be okay and never mind about my safety"... (adventure intuition).

As this is my first time going to Johor, I don't know if the city center is just so near to the immigration checkpoint. I even just can walk to go to famous food courts and malls there. Sadly, I didn't know it and even didn't notice that Singaporeans who board from my bus already made their way there. So, I just go with bus 170 to Larkin terminal.

And Larkin Terminal, is like 15-20 minutes ride from the checkpoint. From the surrounding, I was sure that it must not be the city center. So, after having Ashar pray there (and the condition of the terminal is 11-12 to Terminal Lebak Bulus), I searched for transportation to go to city (in which I didn't notice that it is near to immigration). Because I am afraid to go by taxi by myself, I decided to go by the bus that have a City Square  sign. I paid about 1.70 RM and board to the bus. The bus condition is not as comfortable as SBS Transit, it's more like the patas ac that I used to ride several times in Jakarta. Going from Larkin Terminal to JB town is like riding a car in Cilegon. Many of "untouched" lands there and not so many people driving there.

The bus went to the town and it stopped at the immigration check point. At that time, I didn't notice that citysquare is just the opposite of immigration center. I was going around by the bus and found that many food stalls (in which later I realized it is the place that some websites refer to) and shops there. I just keep telling my self that may be city square is just miles away from there. After like one hour ride, I felt that there's something wrong with the bus route, why it became further away from the town. Still, I just keep on my "adventurer intuition" that city square must be far away from the check points.

The bus kept riding through the "jungle" and I found it nowhere because I didn't get the map and I didn't ask the question to anyone in the bus. So, after one and a half hour getting lost in the bus, I stopped in a place like hawker center, near the gas station in an area called Masai, in which far far away from the town.

Yeah, I was lost!

But, I know that I can go back by Taxi, because I saw some Taxis were having stop to add the fuel there. Not think twice, I just stop the Taxi and asked the driver to bring me to imigresyen. And yeah, the driver was so amazed that me, myself, going around JB alone and get lost in a far far away place. And oh, it was already night (around 8 o'clock I guess). Then, from the conversation with the taxi driver, I just know that the city center is just a walk away from the immigration.

Okay. At least I went to the right way back. I was dropped at city square and my goal was just to find the prayer room (because it's already near the Isya time and I hadn't pray yet). Yeah, there is a prayer room, near the cinema. One of the movie title that I happened to look is "AjiNohMotor", what a funny title!
Coincidentally, I found "Seoul Garden Restaurant" where I really wanted to go and so I was having dinner there.

I eat like many foods and after all I just gave up because it was too many. The restaurant itself has the policy to add RM 5 surcharge for 100gr foods wasted. I managed to leave as little food as I can. Yeah, it was so hard. Never ever take the food that you are not able to finish it !

After my tummy full, I went around the mall. The food stalls are like in Indonesia. There is a J-Co, Starbucks, McD and others. I went back to the immigration which was just a walk away and stopped to buy  some snacks and Roti Boy. Then I departed the bus, going back to Singapore (this time I used CW1 bus, for RM 1 only).

And finally, I arrived at my room, safely. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin.


Ecky Agassi mengatakan…
aaaaa, seru juga bacanya, haha
kenapa gk pake gps di bb vin?hehe

lo berani banget jalan2 jauh sendirian gt vin, petugasnya bener lho bilang hati2, hehe

oh ya, itu AjiNohMotor lucu sekalii :D

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