Ojek Payung

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Today, I went to office in the afternoon, because I had to take my diploma and ask an official recommendation from my thesis adviser. So, when I park my car in Pondok Indah Mosdue, suddenly the rain falls. I had to use an umbrella to get into my office. Of course, when the rain falls, usually the children who live around my office will offer their service of "Ojek Payung", where the people who trapped in the rain can use their umbrella and pay them for some thousand rupiah. They came from less advantage family, so when it rains, it becomes a grace for them, because they can add some money for their family. Hopefully, someday, the "Ojek Payung" children will get a better future... amin...
     picture taken from : http://i.okezone.com/tv/photos/2010/07/08/215/836_large.jpg
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