Guilty Pleasure

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Do you know about "Guilty Pleasure"? Yes, it's a kind of feeling when you do something, that is actually not really good for you but your heart feel so great after you do it. For example, you go to shopping center and buy certain luxurious products even though you aren't sure your salary will cover your credit card enough because you want to buy those things. The extreme example one like you are hugging and kissing your boyfriend, it maybe feels so good, but you know you supposed not to do it, because you aren't married yet. Guilty pleasure is a feeling that may cause a sin, but you really enjoy to do it, really happy to do it. It makes a "guilty" and "pleasure" feeling in the same time. A few days ago, I was feeling the "guilty pleasure". When I was eating the "Red Velvet Cupcake" made by Less Bakery. The cake was so delicious, especially the cheese cream. slurppp. That was a pleasure. I was imagining, that taste like a DC Cupcake :9 But yeah, after I ate that cake, I felt so guilty. You know, I supposed to be on diet or not eat after 6 o'clock (ideally, but I always break this rule :p). It made me so guilty, I just break my rule that was made by myself (again!). I think it's normal to do some "guilty pleasure" activity, but remember not to put it as your habit. It's far better if we can limit our self not to do such kind of sin. Have a nice day everyone :D
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