Well, finally I have done my-13-days-no salt- diet!

The result was quiet awesome. I manage to loss 8 - 10 kg weight ( I'm not sure yet because I didn't measure my weight xp)

My friends and relatives told me that the result can be seen from my face, and some parts of my body. But, because I haven't started my fitness yet, so my weight is increase again like 1-2 kg.

If you want to try this diet, you have to be ready not to eat anything except tea, chicken, meat, potato, fruit, and some healthy food. No oil and salt of course.

Just google, the 13 days diet if you want to know more about it :D
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4 komentar

Neti Tri Winanti mengatakan...

Waa.. akhirnya themes blognya ganti. Jadi ga ada tampilan yang ganggu kalo buka :p

Tampilannya khas perfeksionis banget vin :D

avina_nadhila mengatakan...

wah, thanks komennya Net, itu berkat sarannya si Ecky buat ngubah themes dan ngilangin quote2 itu :D

Ecky Agassi mengatakan...

uh oh #overheard :P

no salt?tasteless gk si?hehe
aniwey, good luck vinaaaa :D

avina_nadhila mengatakan...

ahahaha, tau aja deh lagi diomongin :P

nggak, karena masih ada jeruk nipis sm butter sih...hahaha

Thanks anyway ky :D