MTQ Mahasiswa 2011

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assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh :)

i am writing this post in Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar. Waiting for my plane to board to Jakarta, if not delay I shall wait about 18 more minutes.

finally, I go to Jakarta earlier than the schedule. No, it is not because I hate Makassar or I dislike the people in MTQ. I just feel that I should leave Makassar as early as possible since I have to organize the preparation of "studi banding" KSM to FORCES IPB. Moreover, I have to arrange my visa application to Korea. Hopefully tomorrow it will go well.

yeah, I can't deny that my earlier departure to Jakarta was also determined by my lost in first qualification of Debat MTQ. I can't deny that I was a little bit disappoint, but I thought that is fine. Since my preparation was really that good and we just once do the exercise before we leave to makassar. What a bad preparation!
No wonder, even if most of our friends praised us, but we didn't make it through even the quarter final :(

Even though I didn't make it to the next stage, I learn a lot from this event. I enjoy being one of the part of "Kafilah Universitas Indonesia for MTQ Mahasiswa Nasional XII Makassar"


Meeting so many new friends, new teachers (ustadz), friendly and loyal drivers, hotel staffs and many people around Indonesia. From here, I am familiar with the people who learn to read qur'an, memorize it, understand it and speak with it. I am now familiar with the term : tartil, tilawah, hifdzhil, khattil, fahmil, bayati, hijaz, qira'ah sab'ah, etc... and I just know that the people often speak "Allah" when they heard the Qari' (the reader of the qur'an with specific intonation speak to it)

For your information, my university was listed as "Universitas Indonesia Depok" not "Universitas Indonesia" as usual. I wonder why the committee put our name with DEPOK not only Universitas Indonesia...I feel that the Universitas Muslim Indonesia, or the committee or even the judges would like to scrutinize us. hahaha.

oh yeah, in this kafilah I just get familiar to the people who prepare the student to compete in this MTQ. They are :
- Pak Mujilan (the team leader, chairman of MUI, who also like to smoke and wants to eat in Mas Daeng every night, so we were eating at Mas Daeng restaurant almost every night..haha)
- Pak Yon (my trainer, although he is not really intended to train us often but he is great person. I just knew that he went to America for master degree and Australian National University for doctoral degree in Islamic Studies of South East Asian :ubercool:
- Ustad Fitrullah (his face is very similar to Habiburrahman El Shirazy, he is the youngest ustad - I think - in the team. I also got surprise when I know he was KSM member, PLD X)
- Ustad Muta'ali (the Arabic teacher who use Macbook Pro :cool:, he kept saying to me to persuade the rector's daughter to use jilbab and 'ngaji', he also told me that he will lecture the middle eastern geopolitics next semester in my department)
- Pak Shihab (his face reminds me to ust Didin Hafidhudin, he gave me a book and help me to understand some 'kaidah fiqh' to be used as an argument in debate)

and my fellow :
Ami (my room mate, FKM student who follow @ksmepui twitter account), Kak Ade,Iid, Fatimatuzahro (who twice stay overnight in my room in dormitory), Fatimah Arab, The Pisang Girls (Reggy, Ima, Risa), Elma, Ni'imah, and yeah finally my team mate Resti.

Actually, I didn't really comfortable to pair with Resti. Since, she was so quite, shy, and too busy with her phone ( I don't know why she always looked at her handphone almost every time!)

also, I got chance to expand my knowledge with the boys : Syukur (the talkative boy), kak Rully (The Most Outstanding Student in UI), Hasan and Yasir (PPSDMS fellow) Amar, Jahidin (the FIK Student Executive Board Chaiirman), Wali, Ardhani, Azizon, and I forget one...I am also surprised that like the boys know who am I and what I affiliated to. It must be by their gossip. LOL.

lastly, I want to thank God for the chances to joint this event and meet so many cool guys :)
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