Life is Beautiful

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Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Greetings for u all, in my first 'normal' post in this year.
After the two previous posts that stated my "sadness", "galauness", "labilness", and ngenes one, today I want to thanks for everyone who already give me supports and chance to enjoy this beautiful life.

God, I wanna thank You for all this blessings and joyful life :)
I had many extra ordinary experiences during this January. My life is full of challenges and conformity. I just wanna thank You for all until today. I hope this year I could be better person that give all my life just for You :)

Mom, I know that beyond your mistakes, falls, and another lacks, your'e still the BEST MOM on earth... I owe you so much for this beautiful life :)

Dad, beside your un-logical and non-rational thoughts, I know that you love me so well. I'm sorry that until know I couldn't still respect you as it is. I hold too much confessions, but your effort to be a-lovely-father still made my day :)

Sisters, yes the two lovely and cheerful girls. always stand beside me whenever and wherever I fall. support and dedication, also for the sharing bedrooms until now.. I love you guys so much <3

Grandma and Auntie, you two, I don't know how to describe it, but what I know is I am very blessed to have you beside me... just God can pay all things that you have given to me..

whole family....thanks for giving me a chance to be super-girl

friends...i just don't know if I have no friend at all. what my life would be

teachers... yes, you are my HERO :D

and many other persons whom I met for whole life...

i just thank to Mr. Wimar twit this morning, when I told him that he is so annoying, then he replied to me by saying

"then unfollow and greet the sunshine. Life is beautiful, it only comes round once"
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