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hi all,

long time no write. although many things to write on, but i'm too busy (lazy) to write it down ;P

yeah, remember when Deni told me that "you are know jobless vin...hahah...."
it's a liar...now, i'm very tired with all this activities beside academic...

- bem (not only involved in Pusgerak, i also have to assess some committee such as OIM and Pilah Sampah where i am in charge of being steering committee, and oh yes, involving in monitoring kastrat studies...hummm)
- ois (man, i have to help dwi, being event coordinator, although agak-gabut hehehe)
- TKHI, in charge becoming TKHI day 1 coordinator (gabut juga)
- KSM (deputy of event and project, but de facto i am in charge becoming the head of this division zzzz)
- HMHI,being deputy of scientific division (rather gabut)
- anything else vin???

despite the fact that i've been very busy (ehmm...) i think that my fellow HI 2008 are quite busy this year... my two friends (Dwi and Ipeh) are becoming project officer of LIMAS and OIS, where many of my friends involving in this committee. Also in IMUN, UIMUN CLub where Rialucky becoming the SG...and many moreeee


so busy isn't it?

btw, i'm still confuse in choosing the cluster for next semester

i'm quite sure to get in Ekopolin, but MAstrans issues still sexy for me...hmmphhhh

so, do you have some advice for me?
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