This House Believe That Demonstration isn't Effective Way to Give Aspiration

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That was a debate motion for high school student. Well, I though it was a very good motion, it is debatable. Still, when I adjudicated in MAN IC and got to hear high school students using their intellectuality to analyze the problems, I feel so surprised.
I've been realized that they wouldn't be able to analyze the real condition. They didn't know much about demonstration.
As I am,maybe.
Actually, I keep asking a question "why demonstrate?is there anything else that we could do to make our aspiration be heard by the government?"
Is it really uneffective?

Unfortunately, in that debate,the affirmative team didn't give a definition about what is effective? And why demonstartion is not effective beside it leads to anarchy.
I also ask more.what is the definition of effective? Is it when you can change government policy? When they heard your aspiration and always take action on what you ask? Is it when you can show to media and Indonesian people that you have the 'voices'?

Many people nowadays think that demonstration now is irrelevant, because sometimes it likely lead to anarchy. Also, the question about the effectiveness. Is it really effective way to give aspiration by doing demonstration? Well, you know, as long as I went for demonstration, that's not really worth.
Yes, it wasn't really worth.No policy change. No awareness from government.Instead of making a change, we made traffic jam around the place.
I think there should be more effort from student activist(and the others who care), to re-formulate what they have to do in giving such effective aspiration.

And I surrended, because this also could be mine.

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