NLYC 2010 : The Best Training I've Ever Had

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Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

Get tired, after a long day full of ketemu-PA-untuk-mengurus-KRS-dan-mengobrol-sana-sini, finally I get the chance to write about NLYC 2010...

and the story goes....

National Leadership Youth Camp 2010 was a training for youth who wants to upgrade their skill on leadership, for the sake of increasing nation competitiveness. First, I heard about this event from Hamida Amalia, a friend of mine that went to same high school. She promoted the event by YM, then I searched about NLYC in internet. When I found the blog, I read the materials, goals, and wish list speaker. It was awesome when I find many great names in the wish list speaker such as Habibie, Hatta Rajasa, Onno W. Purbo, Adhyaksa Dault, Ahmad Heryawan, etc... I also interested about their 'selling' on the materials and goals at this event. if you don't believe, you may go ahead to

Because I have no other activities, I mean useful activity in this holiday, so I decided to join the event. Even, this event supposed to be held for college student in their 3-4 year, I try to ask the committee whether I (who now just sit in 2nd year and not ITB student) may join NLYC. Fortunately, I can join this event...alhamdulillah.
I imagined that this event would be strictly trained their participant like in military camp or like my orientation moment in IC...hehehe...At the morning before the event, suddenly I got confused whether I go or not...why? because, a night before I go, I have to choice something which can influence my future in organizational life...hmmppffhhh...

So, I go ahead, to Bandung... I dont want to disappoint my family n friends who has supported me to join the event...


I can say, my choice wasn't a mistake

it was such a great experience

met new friends from other universities

learned much about leadership, teamwork,commitment

increased my pride as an Indonesian

tried to make a contribution for society, for the country

revitalized my way of thinking about ISLAM


give me more opportunity




I hope, the spirit and learn that I got in NLYC will keep on going as long as I can breath

"Setiap orang adalah pemimpin bagi masing2 diri, dan setiap pemimpin akan dimintai pertanggungjawaban atas apa yang dipimpinnya"

-Pemuda Indonesia Berani, Berkarya, Berkontribusi-NLYC 2010

NLYC 2010, the best training i've ever had...

thanks for the committees, participants, and people who contribute to make such a great event...May Allah bless you all...

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.
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