TKHI is Back Again-another I

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assalamualaikum wr.wb.


morning @ 7 am,
being MC of "Diskusi Pergerakan" session on PDKT - supposed to be Alvin in charge, but I HAVE TO help him because he certainly could not HANDLE ALL OF the session-
then I met a charming guy, and his initial (again) I...
so, it supposed to be 4 guy whom I admired so much...ehehehhehe
but he is a smoker =(

afternoon @11.30-14.00
being a SWEEPER/LOing the 2009 in TKHI outbound session..
tired, but happy hehehehe
the usual-ritual
marah2-bentak2-nyinggung2 hal ga penting
dan anak 09 masih nganggep ini beneran
hehehehe :D

Journalympic @ 14.30-15.00
PSJ, watching FISIPERS' seminar (held in corporation with Depkominfo, the afternoon session was boring I though, and my junior high friend (anka and his brother) was PLAYING MUSIC,,,yoohooo)...met Dinda, talk about VW and also Mansyur


yohoooh... bsok ga tanding gw udah dapet EMAS
NYARIS aja BB gw melampaui batas atas kelas middle, kira2 0,3 kg lagi bablas ke kelas HEAVY gw..but Thanks God, walaupun udah latian 3 kali dan ga tanding yg penting dapet emas...ehehehehe

FISIP CHAYO!gw yakin BESOK will be a great day for TAEKWONDOIN FISIP!

wassalamualaikum wr.wb.
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