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assalamualaikum wr.wb.

after long time no writing about my life at HI UI. then I post this writing just to share what I got from potluck 2009. it was very NICE, I enjoyed the show very much. Big appreciation and gratitude hereby I send to all of HI 2009 members.
Although, being one of the committee was such hard to do (even I was the Coordinator of Public Relation-Documentation-Publication/HPD) and some of my staffs did not work well (i almost cried when I know many things to do that I should handle ALONE). But, thanks God, many peoples help me...some friends of mine did take care some of my jobs, although at the day I used to handle the screen and also camera (whoops, the handy cam can not work perfectly because there was technical mistakes-the empty battery-) and I had to take care the guest receptionist, sitting place,and so on...
For me, the 2009 performance was such a great performance, despite the length of the drama, I think it is greater from 2008 performance. Isabella performance (Garry) was sucessfully made me sattisfied..wkwkwkwkwkwk. The introduction itself, with their 'private greeting' have sucessfully made me laugh (rofl).
and there were some mistakes when I handle their slide, I supposed to put some of their name correctly in the order. In fact, I even did not know the order had been changed, so who's wrong?
But, I quite dissapointed, because many of the lecturers did not come ( I know this was my fault that I did not gave them the invitation letter by individual)...Last, I thank to God that this event was held sucessfully in spite of many works that still I had to do : transfer the Mini DV, certificate (oh, please!) and many tasks to do...humph...

PS : I sent him a SMS, inviting him to join the show, and he DID come =)

wassalamualaikum wr.wb.
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Unknown mengatakan...

hwaaa..I'm sooo sorry I can't come to potluck :((..

anw,,'him' itu siapa yaa vin?hihihi
cieeee :p