Instant Messenger, Instant culture

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Nowadays, we can't separate the term of youth and online media. If we talk much about youth and their activities, it must be something that always have a connection with online media. Social networking websites, instant messenger, search engine, e-newspaper, and many other online media are mastered by the young people. Young people who used to be the maker and also the user. Especially, young people in big cities who can access the 24-hour unlimited internet may probably do their all activities online. From working, learning, until dating, they can do it on internet.
As a technology invention always have two side of utilities, it is also apply in online media. For youth, online media gives many useful things. Social networking websites can connect people all over the world, no matter where they seated. Therefore, we may make some links that can be useful for our works, career, and other activities. For youth people, social networking websites such as facebook, friendster, plurk, twitter, and other is a lifestyle. Event, opening the facebook is an obligate ritual when the people-especially- youth open the internet. Like social networking websites, instant messenger also become more popular in youth activities. We may see that chatting with IM give us an extraordinary pleasure, especially if we use it in order to approach our opposite sex. For some people, IM is very useful for business, doing negotiation, and accept some works.
But, there also negative impact in IM and using online media. Youth lifestyle become more horrible, because they want all things done by internet. This is what we called "Instant Culture". If you found that an elementary school student never ask to their teacher about studies that they don't understand, it is because there is Wikipedia, Google, and many other online encyclopedia that they could ask for. Plagiarism is also one of online media excess, many students may not work originally because they can search the task topics on search engine, then copy paste to their new document. The biggest bad effect on IM and other online media is the growth of pornography. By now, youth can do sex before marriage by online, via IM that connected with Webcam. It is very dangerous, because as the youth, growth in east culture that have morality and ethic, it is worse to do sex before marriage, moreover if it is done by online media.
I hope, government and all elements of society give their concern on this problem. Government should have more strict rule in order to save our culture and morality. Society itself should build moral consciousness to make the youth understand that instant culture not always bring good effect, but also give the harmfulness for us.
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