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in the name of Allah..
hello everyone, back to me again after that 'secret' posting..hehehenow, in this post i will tell you about what happened in 3 days ago.It was Januar17th..A day when Fisip FUn Fair was held. I, as one of the member of FISIP UI wasn`t interested yet to come to that event although it was sounded as the biggest event of BEM FISIP 2008 and the great reunion for the alumnis. Actually, that kind of event have never made me comfort..You know, like Jazz Goes to Campus, i though i could enjoy the show, in fact i didnt.Fisip Fun Fair not only just gave the music show in the stage, but also many kinds of event such as games, fun walk, fisip tree(this tree was made by plastic bottle, and ehm it`s cool), charity event (Baksos and Donor Darah)..and of course the STANDS...Why i finally came to that event? yes, because of the Stand..HI`s stand exactly..i have responsability to look after the stand because i accepted Dhani`s ask to look after it. She and Joan ask me to look after the stand because several people who used to be there, such as Agung and Ipeh couldn`t come to that event and even Dhani didn`t come to that event...So, i came to campus with my mom at 7.30, 30 minutes later than it used to be.. When i arrived at the place,there were just Lesly and Keshia 2006 with no decoration of the stand...instead of decorating,we`re just waiting for Joan because the things to decorate were brought Joan. Beside, the other major was fullfilled with decoration.When Joan finally came, we made the decoration. But, because of the minimal material, so we couldnt make our stand decoration as great as another. Just the boxes in the front and the writes "think globall act localy" that hung up behind. And of coure my little plants(that i didnt know what the name is..hehe)JUst it, no trashbag, no handicraft made from recycle things, no proker list, no profile, no testimonial board, no alumni database, and no one who join the game...It was really dissapointed when Pandu 2005 as the chairman of the BEM, come and go to look inside his stand,,,and any other such Syarif 2006, keshia (as the MC was going around to the stands, and she had no comment for our stanD),Ais 2007, and many other..Event the Dean (Iwashidingbecause..hehe)yeah, and the senior keep asking "where any other guys from 2008?"..And we just can smile, told them that the 2008`s wasnt come yet.Because of that we couldnt play the games...hmmphh..Then, i call people in the dorms to come..alhamdulillah they finally come..(Sorang, Riza, n Kun)..there was Raisha too..oh, i regret that i shoud call them before the event.So, the stand was very minimalist and the commitee that gave a score come and come again asking the "must have things" and i always answered by"the guy who brought it doesnt come yet"..hell,, no..Our plans to make a games from dartboard and other things just flew, we made "the must have things" just in a moment. whe the comitte never back again to our stands..first, i felt that the seniors were dissapointed because of our works...our team (2008) that not everyone, or maybe just sveral people who came, and our minimalist stand..but, after reading the Baskoro`s message on the facebook. i just see that HI`s people now is better than the old one.. IN the message he said thanks to us to managing the FFF stands. He said that "thank you guys, because of your works our stand can stand up in line with the other majors in FISIP, because you know that HI`s people are very APATHIC when there is an event lke that"Wew, i was shocked read that message and after reading it, i reflected our self(HI`s people, yeah they are very aphatic and pragmatic..hmmmphh..thats why just several people came to that event...event there just 3 or 4 alumnis that came to the event..
APHATIC and Pragmaticthat two words who always set in the smart people behavior..As Hi`s people consists of very smar people (such as me..hehe)I dont` know why the smart people do it..When i was in highschool some of my friend (who was known as smarter people) do that kind of things..well, at first they where ver aphatic and pragmatic..but then they lowly but sure can reuce that, why the smart people are known aphatic, pragmatic, event pathetic? Yeah, maybe anyone can answer my question?
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