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woaah. it`s been a looonnnggg time ago since i wrote my last post..
well, many THINGS happened.. firstly i wanna tell you a story that happened two weeks ago..
so, i went to LIFE AFTER HI and met some alumnis that has worked in several field. Session one started with 3 main speaker who worked in government departemen. First, named Dwi Wahyuni batch 1997 who was a MAPRES in science project and reaserch fields, now worked in Security Depertement (DEPHANKAM) and the job is related well to IR, especially "pengstrat" subject. Second, Supriyanto Suwito,2001, (the guy who i have ever sent him an e-mail, but he didn`t recognize me at all, since we`ve never talked), works in DEPLU (huuuu), shared his story about working as diplomat muda...yeah, i should`ve listen like this before many times. Third, a guy named Geovani Kusuma(i forget his batch) who worked in Trading Departement especially in International Affairs. Well, the discussion ran good, the enthusiastic from 08 not as well as i expected. Because some of my friends were not coming in.
Oh yeah i forget to put one name that is Mahardhika Sadjad who is MAPRES 2008, (sekosan ma gw), n now is not yet graduate but she has worked at MacKenzie (is it that spell?) as a consultant. She talks a lot that she cant stop before Yere remembered her. Then we had break.That time, i used to do hunting as well. with mbak Yuni n Mahardhika, why just them? because we didnt have enough time for break.
Second session is for the alumnis who doesnt work in the field that directly related in IR. There was Hashief (98, the guy who so similiar to Naufal, the Rolling Stones editor), Aria(hmm, the cute one,,upps, he is married already btw, a programmer in transtv,1995), Rio Jaslin(97, worked in BCA and his wife now is form IR too), Wahyu (2001, cool guy, worked in Danamon.hmm), Lia (96, if im not mistaken, she is working at The Jakarta Post in sirculation division, she gaved us the newspaper at that time and the bonus--weekenders,thanks mba), Sagit (86, soo..old, but he works for 3 different corporate), and the last metrini(who always like to talk). This session is not better than the previous one. Because there was too many speakers so it was take a long time to answer just one question. But afterall its good enough..(Ps: i asked a question directly to mr Aria, the cute one.hahaha..took a chance for amoment)Thanks for HI 06 as the comittee...
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